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Nurturing Hands is committed to client satisfaction whilst also achieving positive results. Below are some original and unedited comments and feedback received from past and current massage clients.

“Joan is a highly skilled therapist with an intuitive healer’s touch. As a long time sufferer of lower back pain I have tried a wide range of treatment options with limited success. Since seeing Joan at Nurturing Hands my back pain has decreased markedly, and my flexibility has considerably improved.”
Bill Lindsay, Kaleen ACT

“I have been attending the Nurturing Hands’ massage therapy clinic for over 6 years because I have chronic injuries that need relief. Joan Fisher, who is the massage therapist, has proven to me that she has an indepth knowledge of the human anatomy. She has continued to improve her knowledge of therapies available to assist people like myself or those who need another type of therapy. I highly recommend Joan’s treatment.”
Lynette R

“For the past 20 years I have suffered constantly from back pains. In that time I have tried physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropracty etc, but these only offered temporary relief. For over the last 18 months I have been seeing Joan regularly and in that time I have less back problems which has improved my life style. I have found Joan to be very professional, competent, knowledgeable massage therapist. In a personal level, Joan is very friendly and caring person. I would and have recommended Joan to anyone who suffers from back and joint pains and stress.”
Allan Pilley

“Having suffered with chronic arthritis which set in after a car accident, I have had to be the recipient of numerous medical procedures over the years.  Opting for a more natural outlook, I stumbled across Joan Fisher, from Nurturing Hands in Kaleen ACT.

From the moment she laid her hands on me, I knew I was addicted.  Her skill and training in Bowen techniques had me hooked.  The relief I felt after a session was remarkable!  On many an occasion I would hobble in, hardly able to walk, and after an hour with Joan I would be in much better shape, not to mention my mood and pain factor.

Joan I found was an extremely generous person, never stinting on her time or advice with me.  Often she would work on me well over the hour, and not charge me extra.  I have been going to her on a regular basis now for sometime, and we have graduated to stretching exercises after my session, and my health has improved immensely.

Do I recommend Joan? I would love to keep Joan solely to myself, but in an unselfish act have decided to share her with you.  Judging from the regular courses she attends to update her numerous skills and the diplomas hanging on the walls, I know I have found a real gem.  Don’t suffer – phone 62416716″
Una Bell

“Thank you again for the wonderful massage this afternoon. I am already looking forward to the next visit.”
Ida Borela

“Dear Joan

I’m back in Japan now and want to tell you that your Bowen Therapy massages and the sacrocranial sessions gave me the best relief that I’ve had for my Parkinson’s Disease.

As you know, Parkinson’s is a stubbborn ailment and I’ve tried many different kinds of treatment here in Japan, but none of them were as beneficial as those you gave me.  Indeed some were counter-productive, perhaps because of communication problems between me and the therapist. 

All I know for sure at this stage is that I need to spend more time under your care at Kaleen if I’m to get good relief from the pain.  You can tell prospective clients they can contact me if they want confirmation of any of this from me.

Wishing you continuing successes”
Alan Landgren, Sakuragaokanishi, Akaiwashi  Okayamaken, Japan 709-0802, 7  December 2006

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